Thursday, September 19, 2013

A blushing bride... SOLD


This bridal doll, inspired by the Mexican holiday of Dia de  los Muertos, it's eagerly awaiting her groom.   It looks like she's been waiting quite a while...
Stats:  hand carved wooden head, from a broom handle,  probably pine.  She has a hand crocheted hat, with pearl trim and veil, and carries a hand crocheted bag.  Her dress is of a cotton poly blend.  She stands 14 inches tall.
Priced at SOLD.  S & H anywhere in the US is 4.50. 
To pay via pay pal, just leave a comment with a email address so I can send the invoice... comments are monitored, and I will not publish. 
Any other questions or comments will of course be welcomed.


  1. I think Tim Burton would love these! Maybe she could get a movie part one day!!!

  2. Is her name Little Goth Roberta? Her dress must have been quite stylish for her time, but then again everything that's been around comes around. Good job!

  3. I'm going to put LGB's new blog on my blog list. You might want to consider adding a followers' list.


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